I believe that the process itself is the most interesting and valuable element of the creative act, so I decided to create a 3D documentary of the “process” of working on my portfolio. My Concentration became a surreal visual record of the “process” of working from images of brainstorming to seeking inspiration, to realizing my ideas. I hope to make them not only just a series of works, By first using silicone to start with my life casting, I then poured the

but also a series of records. Throughout the installations of the daily objects, I hope to evoke a better connection between the artworks and the audience.
liquified plaster to the model and completed each of my self-figures. Combining the sculptures with some ordinary daily objects in creative ways to make the extraordinary, the surreal images of the process of each work are created. From getting up from the bed, eating, searching on the internet, watching TV, reading, to work, and back to sleep again. Day after day, the endless cycle executes infinitely. Every stage, every time, every action, and every chance is a possibility of the resource of my inspiration. They are imprints of my daily routine. They are the most original concept and idea of myself.

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